Lucky Lawn Irrigation prides itself in providing the finest in-ground irrigation systems for your lawn, shrubs and flower pots. We serve over 1500 satisfied customers throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties. The owners are hands-on…. present at all new installations! Our irrigation team specializes in creating, installing and managing the best system for your lawn. We specialize in maintaining your lawn season after season in the best way possible.

Owners Jim Buchanan and/or J.P. Kealy, who have turf & shrub knowledge and licenses, will inspect your property and custom-design an irrigation system to keep your lawn green even during a drought, when it’s needed the most.

We install only the top brands for durability and reliability. Purposefully designed and managed, it’s efficient distribution of water maintains your property while being attentive to conservation and environmental codes.

An irrigation system can bring significant benefits in light of the investment you’ve made in landscaping features and lawn care. Lucky Lawn offers 34 years of expertise in irrigation systems from design, planning, permitting and installation, all built on a long history of personal service and care.

Installed by professionals, there is minimal disruption to your existing lawn and vegetation due to our high-tech machinery. It’s a turn-key operation, from inside plumbing to installing the sprinkler heads, normally installed in just one day.

Upon activation, usually starting early April (weather permitting) we check every zone to make sure there are no leaks and to be sure all sprinkler heads are adjusted properly. We set the timer accordingly to the weather program.

In the spring and summer, the homeowner manages the timer throughout as needed. Luckylawn offers a monthly tune up to set and check the system.

During the fall, the watering cycle will eventually slow down to make sure your grass remains in good shape during the winter. Upon winterization, starting on or around October First, we ensure that your system is clean, protected and totally water free utilizing a heavy duty air compressor… ready for the cold and prepared to serve you again next year!

With the right irrigation system, you will see benefits to your lawn care and landscape features including beauty and strength. Our service crews have over 34 years experience and can diagnose and troubleshoot any irrigation issue. In addition, our service technicians have over 15 years experience in the industry.

Connecting downspouts to buried drain pipes can help dry out wet basement and soggy lawn.

Rain gutters and downspouts provide an efficient first step in controlling roof runoff. But if the rain or melted snow channeled off the roof isn't carried far enough away from the house, it will collect against the foundation wall or footing and seep into your basement or crawl space. One surefire way to avoid such water-related problems is to connect the downspouts to a series of buried drainpipes that lead from the house.

Installing drainage pipe is typically done in three phases: digging the trench, laying the pipe and backfilling with soil.

Luckylawn offers drainage solutions dry wells by Flo-Well®. Flo-Well® is sustainable, and a gravel-free alternative to a traditional dry well that collects, retains and discharges stormwater on-site.With Flo-Well, water is discharged into the subsoil rapidly and easily. Unlike competitive systems, there is no need for piping systems to transport stormwater to a far-off discharge point, large heavy equipment, considerable excavation of current landscaped areas, nor large labor costs that those systems incur. With Flo-Well, water dispersion iseasier than ever. Flo-Well is a key component in the NDS S5 System.


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