Lucky Lawn Landscape Lighting designs, installs and services landscape lighting systems throughout Fairfield County. Landscape lighting can enhance your ordinary property into a property to showcase. We realize that landscape lighting is an art form where success hinges on quality, safe operating components, creative design precision and proper installation.

Illuminate your specimen trees and walls for a dramatic effect. Up lighting is one of the most basic forms of landscape lighting. It is used to create drama with a taller structure or tree. You can choose to highlight the trunk of (generally larger) trees, or the underside of the tree’s canopy on larger or smaller trees.

Cast shadows and create a moonlight effect year-round while increasing the safety and security of your property…Romance and function

Lead your guests to a preferred entrance or through your gardens. Path Lighting seems pretty basic, but it can easily go wrong. Think about how many lights you really need. People often use way too many, creating an over-lit space that feels cramped. LuckyLawn’s team has the expertise to create an effective and inviting entry.

LuckyLawn offers additional lighting services such as specialty lighting , a mixed lighting to create magic to your landscaping as well as silhouette lighting which is a scene represented as a solid shape, lit from behind the object. Please call us for more information.

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