Established in 1988, Lucky Lawn is managed by a team of professionals who realize that every lawn is different and it’s our mission to insure that our customer’s lawns stay lush, green and healthy all season.

Once you place a call to Lucky Lawn, owner Jim Buchanan, will personally assess your lawn care requirements and recommend a program that could include:

  • Our slow release fertilizer contains a custom polymer coated blend for a steady release of nitrogen. This provides for a healthier, greener lawn all season long
  • Season-long weed control is used to maintain a weed free lawn throughout the growing season
  • Season-long grub control is designed and timed so that your lawn won’t get destroyed by these destructive, root feeding insects
  • Lawn disease control helps prevent and control diseases such as: dollar spot, red thread, snow mold, brown patch, and many other common lawn diseases that can affect the health and beauty of your lawn
  • Core Aeration will improve your lawns health while reducing maintenance requirements by improving air flow, enhancing soil water uptake, and boosting fertilizer uptake and use
  • Seeding, Aeration, and Rolling: Our seed is hand-picked for the best varieties, while aeration helps improve airflow circulation and growth, and rolling helps ensure seeds stay in place while preventing pooling during inclement weather
  • Limestone: Limestone is high in calcium and helps balance pH levels in the soil to support a healthier, greener lawn
  • Soil testing is available to help identify problems and will guide us on what your lawn care needs are
  • Organic programs are available
We are a smaller, more personalized company. Year after year, you'll become familiar with the faces of your lawn crew, headed up by foreman Chris Sheridan with over 25 years of experience.

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