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Shrub Care

Replacing shrubs can be costly, so by using Lucky Lawn's year round shrub care program it will protect your investment and ensure a long lasting and beautiful landscape.

Our program is a 5-step system that consists of:

  • Step 1- Early spring horticultural that will eliminate any unwanted pests that have infiltrated your plants throughout the winter
  • Step 2- Spring soil drench to help feed and give your plants the proper nutrients they need to be at their healthiest after the rough, cold months
  • Step 3- Early summer application of a fungicide/insecticide applied to the shrubs for continuing protection
  • Step 4- Early fall soil drench application to aid the plants in storing proper nutrients that will feed them throughout the winter
  • Late fall Dormant oil that will coat your plants with a protective layer and shield them throughout the winter months from the wind and cold

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