It is hard to believe that a peaceful yard can harbor serious threats to our health. Ticks and mosquitoes are much more than an annoyance. Lucky Lawn LLC provides safe, effective tick and mosquito control for your property. We offer a range of treatment options including organic programs.

Over 3,000 people in the tri-state area are diagnosed with Lyme Disease every year. Infection rates in our area are among the highest in the country. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends applying pesticides in your yard to control tick populations. When applied properly, tick pesticides (known as acaricides) are extremely effective for tick control. As an alternative to traditional pesticides, LuckyLawn LLC offers organic tick control, which uses cedar wood oil to kill and repel ticks. We understand where ticks hide on your lawn; we use powerful sprays to penetrate leaf litter for effective coverage.

The appearance of West Nile Virus in our area has changed our view of mosquitoes from annoying pests to dangerous disease carriers. Treating for mosquitoes can control these pests in your area. LuckyLawn LLC offers organic sprays for mosquitoes. When it comes to mosquito control, many homeowners have specific preferences or wish to include added protection in their mosquito treatment plan. LuckyLawn LLC will customize your services with a range of specialty programs that meet any unique needs or requests.

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